Monday, April 23, 2007

Does the world really need another vanity technology blog?

...well, no - of course not, don't be silly...

At the last count, there was something like 110,000 new blogs added to the worlds servers every day. Looking at it one way, this blog is just another drop in the ocean of noise. It will get swallowed up promptly, and forgotten. Looking at it another way, contributing to the cacophony of voices is not necessarily a bad thing. Having lived through horrors like Clear Channel and Fox "News" Network, the swirl of independent voices that are blogs, podcasts and video podcasts seems like an excellent way to balance things out.

What I would really like to say here is that "This blog will be different!" Of course, with 110,000 new blogs coming on line each day, that's a ludicrous statement to make. And, sure, I'll be talking about wireless communications, operating system, gadgets, car audio, nanotech and the rest - and there are thousands of places you can go to get all of that information. What I can promise, tho, is to add my viewpoint to the mix -- and, although not completely unique, my vantage point is not as crowded as some of the other places from which to perch and watch the tech parade.

I've been in the tech domain for as long as I can remember - started coding at 15...which, in 1975, made me a fringe player....since that time, I've worked in tech for 2 different branches of the government (NASA/JPL and the FAA), been in more startups then I can shake a stick at (some successful: Art Technology Group, m-Qube, etc, some not successful: why mention them - speaking ill of the dead does no one any good), been in a couple of large corporations (VeriSign, dare I speak your name?), and have even started my own company (MediaRush, How I Miss Thee).

Currently - I'm a CTO (Chief Technology Officer - which means I get to watch others actually do the work, which is frustrating - but also good, since they are all much smarter than I am) at a startup company in the cell phone technology space. (People in the "cell phone technology space" love to call it the "mobile space," but that phrase covers way too much ground, and is a fleeting and temporary thing.) I have a lot of friends in the venture capital space, and I know a ridiculous amount of people at companies all around the US and Europe, so I get to hear all of their perspectives as time goes on.

Add to all of that, I get the same feeds the rest of the other bloggers do: magazines, journals, the WSJ, the NYT, other blogs, podcasts, video podcasts, conferences, business journals, etc etc etc... oh, and I talk to a lot of people at bars and coffee shops - actually a pretty good source of information from the "user acceptance" perspective.

So - I get a lot of input and sift through a tremendous amount of stuff...and my job is to sift through all of that cra...uh, information....and try to locate the vectors and see if they are lining up in any meaningful way. Essentially, this flowery language boils down to the question:

Where is all of this stuff headed?

What's I'd like to do in this blog, is add the additional:

...and is it taking us with it?

Still, the answers I pose will always just be my opinion.... so, I guess this really is just another vanity technology blog, ain't it?

- RocketMan

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