Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Big Vista Sweep: The Conclusion

...a Mind Transfer in 4 parts.

At the beginning of this grand experiment, I announced I would be upgrading 5 machines to various flavors of Vista from various flavors of XP. For those keeping count at home, I only upgraded 4, not 5.

The 5th victim was to be a Winbook Jive Mini running XP MCE 2005. This machine is outside my firewall - I use it as a machine to collect internet videos and store them before examining the content files for worms, trojans, etc. Since this machine is "bait," and dangling outside my digital fortress, I see little need to upgrade. XP will work just fine on that box for quite some time.

So, how did it all go? Here's a comparative history:

All four machines were successfully converted to flavors of Vista. One of these machines (my RAID0 equipped main desktop ) was, frankly, an expensive bitch. It took many hours of research and almost $500 of new equipment to bring this thing up to snuff. It is not clear where the fault in that setup occurred, but it seems clear that it was miscommunication between the Intel RAID controller software and the Vista operating system. Reading those links in full (Sweep II and Sweep III) can help you avoid these pitfalls if you have a system with a RAID bank on board.

Other than one other incident involving a plasma screen that wouldn't come back to life once it was shut off (see Sweep V), the other Vista upgrades went very smoothly.

As to the health of each system, all of them - without exception - are running noticeably quicker than they did under XP. Although I am still getting used to some of the OSX-like user interface and internal features of Vista, I seem to be able to use the functionality of these new machines OSes in the same manner I used XP.

Worth noting here: Vista Media Center is astonishingly cool. Significantly more robust than XP MCE, it's just damn prettier to look at - even a few Mac aficionados I had over were impressed by the efficiency and ease of use.

So - all in all, The Big Vista Sweep was a success. For your reading pleasure, here are the chapters of this saga compiled for your convenient reading:

  1. The Big Vista Sweep, Part I
  2. The Big Vista Sweep, Part II
  3. The Big Vista Sweep, Part III
  4. The Big Vista Sweep, Part IV
  5. The Big Vista Sweep, Part V
  6. The Big Vista Sweep, Part VI
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