Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Big Vista Sweep, Part VI

Mind Transfer #4:

Computer: Sony TX770P laptop
Native OS: Windows XP Professional, SP2
Memory: 1.5 Gig
Hard drive: 80 Gig
Extra Devices/Features: Cingular WWAN Radio, Support for most Sony and SD memory sticks

This was almost not worth writing about. I was going to use this machine as an experiment to download windows Vista Business addition from the Microsoft website, since I have never done that before...but, literally, the day I sat down to do this I received the Sony Vista upgrade DVD in the mail. This was the same DVD that I used to upgrade the SZ laptop, but with a new license key. So, it was free - screw the download experiment.

I inserted the DVD, clicked "UPGRADE" and walked away from the machine. 3-4 hours of whirring and clicking later: Vista Business with all the proper drivers and Vista-fied Sony VAIO applications were ready to go. No muss, no fuss. Sony finally figured out their upgrade paths.

Verdict: Success. Round-trip Rocket Time for Upgrade: 4 Hours. Rocket Cost: $0

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