Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Is that the Googy-Man Under Your Bed?

...ok, I am not a paranoid guy. Really. I don't think anything bad will happen to me in crowds. I'm completely comfortable giving my credit card to websites. And I think that guy that wants to pet my dog, just wants to...well....pet my dog.

Now, having said that... anyone else getting weirded out by Google's slow encroachment on privacy?

$3.1 Billion for DoubleClick. The largest search engine purchases the largest purveyor of personal click stream patterns?

Google Web History shows up on your personalized home page? Ok, sure - yeah - I understand that they've always had that information, and that they use it to refine their algorithms for data mining, advertising and search...but, uh, to actually see your search history since you started using Googles personalized home page? I mean...jeez...you know mom and dad have sex, but do you really need to see it?

Google Street View. How creepy/effed up is this? Aside from the dubious value, don't you think it was a little bizzaro that the Googleplex sent out legions of vans to roam through city streets to take pictures of your house? Your neighbor's house? Your apartment? ...jeez, look, you left the window open. The "WTF???" factor here is off the charts.

Google personalized mobile search? So, combined with Google's new GPS-enabled mobile google maps, and, well, the personalized search history that they store for you...and, uh, the stuff sitting in the fat DoubleClick databases? Uh....they know where you were, what you did, what you wanted, and....

...nah! It's prolly nothing.

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