Thursday, June 7, 2007

Uh...Can We Destroy Skynet Now?

Here's a tale of two robots - one really, really bad; one really, really good.

A few weeks ago a Danish man was killed by a robot lawn mower. Oh, this isn't one of those cute little things that you have moving across your lawn and scaring your dog - this in a GIANT YELLOW INDUSTRIAL KILLER GRASS MOWING the robot that chased Steve Austin in the 70's!!! (Look it up.) And, uh, this thing is a called the "Dvorak Spider 01," by the way. (John? If we spend more time on your blog, would that appease you?)

Compare and contrast against the "SawStop," a robotic gizmo that goes to great lengths to follow the First Law of Robotics. Check this thing out in this video as it encounters a "finger" touching a saw blade.

How long will it be before they start demanding a right to vote, hm?

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