Tuesday, June 12, 2007

VisionQuest, Day 1

Today was "C2" day - the final pre-op preparations where they numb your eyeballs and perform all sorts of unholy measurements on them. (Lots of laser beams and little eye cups that look disturbingly like egg cups...and, of course, pupil dilation! Fun! Joy! The worse thing in the world to me.... but my sunglasses-cum-weldersglasses helped me get through.

Then they shoved a bunch of prescriptions into my hand (nothing fun, folks, just antibiotics and eye sterilizers), and sent me on my way. ("Good luck! Have fun storming the castle!")

I'll be back Friday for the big enchilada - mental note: do NOT watch that scene in "Minority Report" again! 4 times is enough.

Can't write anymore today - the pixels are starting to swim...


Anonymous said...

OMG, eye surgery. I can't bear the thought.

Good luck!


RocketMan said...

Yeah, uh - me either, actually - but here I go. I'll let you know what happens on Saturday - uh, unless I have to transcribe to someone, in which case it will take a little longer 'cuz I have to hire someone.