Wednesday, July 4, 2007

It's 4th of JulyPhone!

Ok - so, here we are - on the other side of iPhone Phriday (yeah, I'm gonna have fun with words for a while...sorry), and I'm curious as to where we are....

I saw the lines on 5th avenue, I saw the mini-lines outside all of the AT&Tingular stores all throughout Manhattan. (You guys looked just iAdorable in your little iFolding-Chairs waiting in your little iLines.) Amusingly, heading into an Apple store on the Monday after iPhone Phriday revealed....plenty of iPhones. So, how'd they do?

Apple is notorious for not giving out sales figures - but because they are a public company, they will have to eventually. The last unofficial reports I heard placed sales/activations at 500,000 over the weekend (iPhriday through Sunday) - short of the 3,000,000 I heard rumored as first assembly line run of the product that would be "needed" for opening weekend, but still very respectable. (As there has never been a cell phone "event" like this before, I can't find any comps for other phones in terms of weekend sales figures - I suspect the initial Razor phone up there back when it, too, was a status symbol -- but that's just guessing.)

Assuming the 500,000 is close to reality, and knowing that a few of those days over the weekend fell into Q2, it's probably a reasonable guess that Apple can declare 200,000 - 250,000 of those units on the Q2 books. So - not bad, at $400-$600 a pop.

Next, I heard all of the podcasts from the Apple lovers and the Apple haters -- so I can kinda get a balanced idea of what people thought of the phone. (I was particularly amused to hear Veronica Belmont say that she bought one on impulse when she was getting a phone for her CNET review, and its still sitting in the box while the specter of Buyer's Remorse hovers over her shoulder.)


  • Best user interface ever. I believe it - Apple is very good at this, very good.
  • Satisfying phone experience - fun to use.
  • Nice that you can activate without dealing with AT&T directly -- well, except for the folks that had issues
  • Music player is excellent.
  • Screen very readable during the day
  • WiFi works as advertised
  • No 3G - stuck on the goofy AT&T EDGE thingy
  • Hard to get pictures off the phone wirelessly. (You are stuck emailing them.)
  • 6 button pushes to get to the "make a phone call" point.
  • Touch screen keypad. This was almost a universal dislike. No tactical feedback, tricky to use, only goes landscape in the safari browser
  • No 3rd party apps. We knew that tho.
  • A significant portion of people had problems activating. An unidentified AT&T spokesperson said "We weren't expecting this kind of response." What?
So - drop me a note, tell me what you think. Do you like this thing? Worth the wait? Is this a typical Apple Generation 1 device, or is it ready for primetime now?


Anonymous said...

Hah! Can't resist the bait.

OK, so I think I know a little about phones.

iPhone is a revolution in UI for a mobile device. It really does make the competition look archaic. As in, 5 years behind, literally.

Yes it's on EDGE, which I've found to not be terrible. Plus, I have wifi at home and at work, so if I *have* to be on EDGE when I'm out and about, it's not that big a deal to me. I'd rather have EDGE than 3G and less battery life, if that was really the choice.

I've worked with hundreds of phones. iPhone is by far the best of all of them, in my experience.

Crackberry addicts won't like it because they can't touch-type under the desk. Boo-hoo. I rarely type long missives on the phone, so I won't be missing that. No email is that urgent...if it is, a phone can make a call, or it can wait. Public demonstrations of email addiction is rude, anyway, IMO. : )

The voice call quality is good, better than my RAZR was.

Where did you hear the 3M figure? That was their initial order from the manufacturer, afaik, not the first shipment for launch.

I will be shocked if they hit 700K sales in the first weekend. You never know, though. There was a lot of pent up demand.

What I find most interesting is that there's a five year exclusive of iPhone on AT&T. In 5 years the landscape will hopefully look different enough with WiMAX and suchlike that we won't need the carriers so much.

People are already starting to hack the thing. I expect third-party apps on it in a week or so.


The King said...

iTouched it. iLoved it. iWant it. iWill not pay the $150 to break my Verizon contract with just 6 short months to go, however.

Kenley said...

most thorough balanced review around...

Anonymous said...

must....have.... iphone.

Just waiting for them to fix the-thing-that-they-always-realize-needed-replacement-in-the-very-first version.

After that, I'm in.

Mike T