Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Now we're singing the same iTune...

Ok - the iPhone. Nice trick, but seriously crippled by the singular carrier (haha. Get it?) and 8Gig capacity. The user interface is impressive, but you aren't satisfied with your phone very long if it doesn't - you know - behave like a phone.

Sales are shrouded in a cloud o' confusion (no doubt caused by the Reality Distortion Field), and Apple doesn't seem like clarifying -- which probably means that it is selling fewer units now that all the hype is down than the analysts were predicting.

How do you get your investment dollars back, wow Wall Street, please the consumers by giving them what they want, capitalize on the 110M iPods sold to-date and - oh yeah - decouple yourself from the carrier conundrum? Easy:

iPhone - GSM radio + 16Gig = new iPod Touch

Now this is what people were asking for all along. A wide-screen iPod video player with larger capacity that uses the new iPhone interface and allows WiFi connections to the iTunes music store. (The capacity needs to be more than that, of course - but Jobs is on a flash-memory kick. It will go up, hopefully.) They took the long, weird road - but they got there.

Ironically, if Microsoft had its crap together and didn't take baby steps into the consumer electronics world, they could have been there 9 months before Apple...which would have been interesting. The Zune had the wide screen, the nice interface - everything...including a crippled WiFi connection and a 2004-era capacity harddrive.'s always sad to see opportunity slip away for someone, but...ah well.

Now, if Apple didn't change the connectors on the iPod Touch from the iPod Video, I'm happy as a clam. (Something you'll hardly ever hear from me - so don't get too used to it.)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah these things are going to be everywhere.

Good time to be doing mobile video, eh?