Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The End of Human Life as We Know It, Part 2

OK, that's it...I'm getting a little shack up in the mountains and going off the grid.

Evidence #2:

Awesome Lifelike Robotic Dog

Evidence #3:
Dextre, The Giant Space Robot

In all seriousness - all of this is pretty incredible. The advances in the past couple of years have been amazing. The "Robot Dog" is courtesy of research done at Boston Dynamics, a 20 year old "start up" in Cambridge that was started by a professor at the MIT Robotics Lab. They've been working on this stuff longer than mechanical engineering could support robotics by embedding their motion and recovery algorithms into computer graphic generated characters and older, tethered robotic devices. (Anyone besides me old enough to remember videos from the late 80's of a pogo-stick legged jumping and somersaulting robot? That was them.)

Nonetheless, I'm packing heat just in case this all goes horribly wrong.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

That's it. The End of Human Life as We Know It.

Oh lord...that's all she wrote, folks. The Human-Robot war just took an ugly turn...

...oh, dear God! It swims. Swims! Sigh, I hope the screams of the fallen isn't too loud.