Friday, September 5, 2008

Taking off the Rocket Helmet

First off, many apologies.

I went from 1 post a week to, uh, never since July. It's been a wild few months since Dabs passed, but I'm psyched to get back into the rocketship and talk about all the fun n' weird crap that's happened in tech and science since I last wrote.

Which brings us to my first blog post since my last one about my father: and, this one will also be self-indulgent. I've gotten a goofy number of emails along the lines of...

"...nice posts...but who the hell are you...?"
"...been reading...for awhile, you sound like I should know you..."
and, my personal favorite:
"...what the you think Comcast is gonna sue you? They're busy!"
OK, fine. Fine. You're all's time for the big reveal...

As you can see on my revamped "about me" section, my name is Rob DeMillo, and I've been in tech for a very long time. (Does dismantling the tube - and that's vacuum tube, not cathode-ray tube - TV at age 8 count?) I began my professional carrier in the public sector doing work for JPL, NASA, Lincoln Laboratory and the F.A.A, wandered through the world of 3D computer graphics when it was still young, and ended up a serial entrepreneur. Currently, I am the CTO and co-founder of a startup in California creating technology for delivering video and video advertising to mobile phones.

See, was that so hard? So, why all the mystery?

Well - anonymity breeds honest discourse. I've been around, know a lot of people, seen a lot of things in a lot of different industries and agencies...and, well, I write about them. Not always favorably...but, that's the way it goes, ya know?

So, I'm back in the rocket ship, and I'm gonna continue to write about what I see and hear around me - and reflect a bit on how what I'm currently observing may effect the course of the rocket, or of society...or how we're traveling over ground that we've already covered - but no one (chooses?) to remember. I'll keep being honest in my opinion, and if I accidentally (or otherwise) kick people and things I personally know, please feel free to kick back.

At least now you know how to get ahold of me...fair is fair, after all. See y'all next week for a new series of posts...