Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Newst Who in Whoville...

....ok, a brief break from the usual techie stuff so we can spend a brief moment to acknowledge David Tennant's passing into Who History with an unfortunately muddled final two-parter. Despite what was easily the worst written send-off for a Doctor, Tennant is a tough act to follow - but I said that about Chris Eccleston as well, so we'll see if the youngest actor to man the TARDIS, Matt Smith, can pull it off. The BBC press release pictures of him (on the right here) make him look like a direct response to "Edward" in the Twilight films, but last week's few moments of Smith after the transformation seemed to have placed a wee bit of doubt in my skepticism. Smith seems to have absorbed the same manic brilliance, human alienness, and neurotic clear-thinking that have blessed/plagued the 10 who came before him.

So, I'm up for it, let's see what he's got. To check it out for yourself, here's the new season trailer:

...and check out IO9 for a nifty breakdown of the above.

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