Monday, June 17, 2013

Google+ Quietly Becomes a Photographer's Best Friend

Is Google+ where all the photographers have gone?

"Filtered" Image from My PicPlz Days

I rant about Instagram, but I use it because that's where my friends and family I reluctantly go there.  I'm as guilty as showing my food on Instagram as everyone else, I suppose. It's fun in its own way, but it mangles photos in a way that makes my blood curdle.

I tried Path for a while. Meh. Your photo's are presented the way you wish, but the community is small and oddly self-curated.

I never really post to FaceBook unless I'm experimenting with something, I can do without their spidering tenderals of data collection.

500px is good, but charges for their service and still has no mobile upload, which I find...amazing, actually.

I stilll morn the death of PicPlz , the photo-sharing service that was competing with Instagram....until Instagram was bought by FaceBook. Then poor little PicPlz threw in the towel... but it was lovely - photos were presented in a way that the photographer intended: the right framing, aspect ratio...and if you wanted to filter your photos, you still could. The community on PicPlz was gear towards showing it's art, it seemed, not whatever they were currently eating.

Flickr seems to be having a rebirth of sorts, and I like what I see there again. The website is gorgeous, and so are the new mobile apps (both iOS and Android), maybe there's hope there again...

Then there's Google+... I started to notice photos from photographers early on in G+... but uploading photos conveniently to G+ in the earlier days was a little convoluted. Then Google bought SnapSeed and you could see how they wanted to compete with Instagram, at least in terms of photo filters. SnapSeed is significantly more powerful than Instagram filters (easy to use, as well), and allowed for easy uploads to G+... but as G+ was a streaming feed, it's possible that photographs would get lost in the endless stream.

Then, at the end of 2012, Google+ introduced the concept of communities, and everything seemed to change - almost overnight. I liken communities to the old school USENet News Groups. Conversations you could just monitor or contribute that keeps the dialog to a specific social niche. Photographers took to communities in droves. There are scores of photography communities specializing in everything from HDR to Black and White, to Selfies, if that's your thing. It's heartening to see people's work, some of which is really damned incredible, flood those conversations.

Suddenly, I don't miss PicPlz as much as I once did....

Update: I uploaded most of my PicPlz archive here

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Sara said...

All the apps will update and transform with some time, we need to understand them and use with a better purpose, like the games we don't need to play them constantly, we need to play them consistently like word with friend